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Current & Past Film

Check our two models/actors, Cloe and Amanda, rocking this ad for "Robalo Boats" commercial! We would like to thank Robalo Boats out of Nashville Georgia for entrusting our models/actors to do this commercial/shoot for them. It turned out absolutely fantastic! 

This is Karsyn Darby, one of Sylvia's young actresses on the set of MTV's "Scream" with Willa Fitzgerald! Willa plays the lead, Emma on the show and Karsyn will be playing the younger version of Emma!
Karsyn was discovered by Carol Golwasser who is a casting director in LA! Karsyn was discovered while she was at ATS in November!

Good job Karsyn! We're so proud of you! :)

(One picture is from Karsyn's Instagram while the other was posted on Willa's Instagram!)

Congratulations to Karsyn on her recent acting projects! 


You can see her Cloak and Dagger that airs on Freeform! With he leading lady of Olivia Holt! Karsyn plays "The Flower Girl."


She also is on an upcoming Netflix project in November called "The Dirt!"


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