Sylvia's offers model and talent placement worldwide. Several of our models and actors are currently living and successfully working in New York, L.A., Atlanta, ect. We offer local classes in Runway, Photography, Acting, Personal Development, Hip Hop Dance, and Pageant Training. Private and group classes are also available. 


Sylvia's annually produces the largest and most professional fashion and talent show in South Georgia. 


We are like one big happy family here at Sylvia's! We work hard and work together. 

Sylvia's Models & Talent as the Mother Agency


As the Mother - Agent, we are responsible for the development and career guidance of your child. This will include education of you, the parent, about the business, assistance with the grooming and marketing of your child, the model and placement in other markets besides our own that your child wishes to pursue. 


During our years of developing young models we have found that establishing a strong working relationships with parents as well as models is beneficial to everyone. As this business can be very difficult for your children, our underlying philosophy became to establish a team between parent, model and agent in order to provide a hands-on career development program with long-term strategy planned in the initial stages-- a luxury that seems to be easily lost with larger agencies and our society's fast pace. This special strategy is tailored to the specific model and the lives of those involved around them. This in turn creates an understanding of what can be expected from each of the important components of the team and how important each one is to the other.