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American Talent Showcase/Model Jam America

ATS/MJA offers opportunities in three broad areas:

  1. Fashion Modeling

  2. Television and Film

  3. Entertainment


At ATS/MJA, you can be as focused or as versatile as you desire. Enter as many areas as you are qualified for, or narrow your choices to focus your energy. High fashion models can showcase talents in events such as Runway, Swimsuit, and Photography. Actors and Entertainers have a great opportunity to show their skills in Television Commercials, Monologues, Singing and Dancing. ATS/MJA offers very substantial opportunities to every talented participant. This is the beauty of the combined American Talent Showcase and Model Jam America, CHOICES and VERSATILITY. Pinpoint your focus to spotlight your talent, or widen your field of opportunity to encompass other areas of interest. That’s what ATS and MJA is all about...equal opportunity for everyone.

When going to ATS/MJA:
  • ALL Sunday classes are included.
  • You get one FREE head shot photo shoot. 

2022 ATS/MJA

2021 Summer ATS/MJA

2016 ATS/MJA

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