Sylvia Selph - Owner

Ms. Sylvia began modeling when she was 14 years old. She started teaching classes only 2 years later, when she was 16. After teaching for years and growing a true love for the business, she decided to open her own modeling agency when she was 30.

Ms. Sylvia started off small but grew very quickly. At first, she had to use her living room as her runway room and placed mirrors all over her back walls. Soon enough that was not enough room, and she had to close in her carport so she could expand. It wasn’t long until even that wasn’t enough, and she had to move the business out of her home and into an actual building. She stayed at this new space for a few years, until she outgrew that place as well, and moved over to where the agency is now.

Sylvia’s Models & Talent has been open for 39 years and to this day Sylvia is in love with what she does. She loves teaching people and helping them succeed in the business. There is no greater joy to her than knowing that she was able to make a helpful impact on someone’s journey.