Misty Moore - Co Owner & Teacher

Misty quickly followed in her mother’s footsteps and began modeling when she was 4 years old. During her journey, she has had multiple print jobs and was blessed with the opportunity to tour with the Belk Runway Fashion Show. She toured across the Southeast, from Savannah, GA all the way up to Fredericksburg, VA…with a Serenade Designer Show in Charlotte, NC. Misty was the youngest model on tour at the time, and because of that she was able to gather wisdom, responsibility, time management and most importantly, compatibility and friendships with so many models.

She started teaching classes at 17 years old, realizing early on that she had a true passion for teaching. She loves being able to share and teach all the fantastic things she has learned over the years when it comes to the industry.

She is extremely passionate about producing and directing the Sylvia’s Annual Fashion Show.